About Me

Here I am, introducing myself to the big bad world of social media and blogging. Let me go back to the beginning and explain why I’ve taken this path.

My name is Meg and I’m from Melbourne, Australia. I work in retail as a store manager for a plus size clothing company. Up until about 2 years ago, I used to be so ashamed of my size.

I read magazines, blogs and followed all the latest gossip stories, constantly comparing myself to these women. I met an amazing person in my life, who I will forever be grateful for, who taught me to absolutely love myself.

Fast forward two years and here I am, working full time and also modelling part time. I’m here for a few reasons listed below but also to be a friend or a voice.

I am going to promise you something here, I will always be truthful to myself and my opinions. I will try to be a voice for the curvier women and most importantly, I want to inspire other women of all sizes. We all need to love ourselves!!

So follow me, pull up a chair, settle in and enjoy with a cheeky beverage or 3.

xx M