Monday 16th September 2019

Happy Monday ladies! Today I got caught up trying on a new top and jeans. I believe I have mentioned these jeans before but wow… that fit 👌

The jeans are a high rise skinny in black without holes or rips which means you can wear them to work. They are actually so high that they are considered a corset which means they hold everything in.. which us ladies loveeee ❤️

The jeans are perfect for tucking a top in, or even wearing a bodysuit. Any way that we can show off our curvy figures is a plus! Anyway today I got caught up trying on a top to go with these gorgeous jeans.

At first picking up the lady leopard top, I found that the print is BOLDDD but who doesn’t love a leopard print?? The shape is almost mimicking a wrap top which really shows off the bust and draws in on the waist. The peplum style bottom is perfect for hiding our not so favoured parts.

I have been super quick to make many of my customers try it on for all the points above but also because it makes us look super tanned and curvy… every woman’s dream 💁🏼

As usual I have attached the links below for both amazing pieces

Xx M


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