Wednesday 11th September 2019

Check out this gorgeous bodysuit! So I bought this a few weeks ago and wasn’t sure that I was confident enough to wear it…now I know a lot of you who know me, know that I’m super confident and love showing off my body. But as reluctant as I was..I did it!

This bodysuit is super thin which is great because it doesn’t add extra material, making us look bigger. You can dress it up with a sexy bra underneath or for the hot so faint hearted maybe a cami instead.

I wore it with my Harley corset jeans which are practically a high waist, really accentuating the hourglass figure. Otherwise you could also wear it with a high waisted skirt and heels 👠

The name of the bodysuit I’m wearing is the Animal bodysuit in Ochre. The jeans are the Harley Corset and I have attached the link below ❤️

Xx M


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