Friday 6th September 2019

Hey guys, thanks so much for following my blogs and I hope that I can give you more options for the fellow plus size women.

Today I tried on the most gorgeous LBD (little black dress). This dress is super flirty, sexy but also quite sophisticated.

The is the perfect LBD to keep in the cupboard for any occasion. I convinced myself to try it on based on the fact that I looked quite professional and was literally speechless. This outfit can really make a work meeting classy but chuck on a red lip and you could wear it out to a bar. It’s the perfect 9-12 (9am-12am)

The material has some Elastane in it which means it really shows off that hourglass figure. Extenuating our smaller waists and bigger hips ❤️❤️

The dress is called Dress Lace Tux from City chic, unfortunately it’s so new that it’s not online yet but get down to your local store.

Xx M


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