Wednesday 4th September 2019

First of all I apologise to everyone for my delay from blogging. I have been super unwell during the colder months of Melbourne.

My Wednesday consisted of working and trying on new outfits to share with you all. I felt it’s not often we post casual/ everyday outfits and yet us curvy women need them!

I picked out the Top LL Knot from City Chic and gave it a try. I want to share with you what I found ….ahhhmazing! This gorgeous top is super cassssssual but can be dressed up easily with a wedge or heel.

The top details a knot off center drawing attention away from our less favourite spots (😐 stomach) and takes it from a top that would be boring and never looked at, to, wow!

The material is 96% Viscose and only 4% Elastane so super stretchy without gripping. The colour is a gorgeous Charcoal marle but it does come in black also for those who like to stick to the safe zone.

The material makes it quite forgiving as I can vary between a M or L in City Chic sizing but was definitely able to fit the M.

Check it out at your local store or click the direct link below to purchase online.

Xx M


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