Nike Plus Size

Dear Tanya Gold, whoever you are and whatever your relevance in this world may be, you are an embarrassment to women.

You are the reason women are insecure, have anxiety, self doubt and many other issues.

Women we are supposed to stick together and support each other. What gives you the right to speak so disgustingly about curvy women? Have you ever been bullied yourself? Have you ever felt insecure or fat? Why should we be penalised for trying to look after our health? You do realise that your judgmental attitude effects thousands if not millions of women and girls.

Do you have a daughter? What about a family friend? Heaven forbid she be plus size because you would think that anything bigger than a size 6 is unhealthy and you would classify her as obese. When reading this article I was quick to google you to see that you’re not tiny yourself….so why such appalling language about other women of shapes and sizes? I hope you realise that a lot of bigger woman are healthier and fitter than most skinny woman, but they shouldn’t be allowed to dress accordingly whilst maintaining that fitness? 68% of American women wear a size 14 or bigger, in Australia the average woman’s size is a 14-16, in the U.K the average woman wears a size 16….. so it’s not just me you have to answer to, it’s the “average” part of the world!

xx M


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