17th June 2019

I start today by writing my first blog. I touched on a little bit of information about me in my “about me” section, but I wanted to delve deeper.

One thing that infuriates me in Australia, is the use of the term ‘plus size model’. As a country, we want to be socially accepted for adapting with the world. This means that sometimes the plus size model is a size 12.

Statistically throughout America, the average woman wears a size 14, yet the average plus size models are a 6-12. How does that work? Correct me if I’m wrong, but as a business, aren’t you supposed to cater to your demographic?

I think we have got this all wrong. The words “plus size” or even “curvy” were quite taboo for so long, until recently where a lot of companies have realised the need to expand sizing ranges, along with their styles.

Yes we are curvy, yes we have a woman’s body and yes we love it! So please let us have more variety when it comes to shopping. We want to show of our gorgeous ASSets.

xx M


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